What We Do


To provide the best overall value for the legal service dollar to pre-public and smaller public technology companies.


MGC provides corporate, licensing, and litigation services to its clients.  The “About” section provides a broader list of services and a list of sample engagements.

Who is MGC?

MGC’s principal, Mike Prozan, has over twenty five years of legal experience, working in-house, at large and small law firms, at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and as a state and federal prosecutor.

He has written numerous academic and general circulation articles on securities law.

Market Justification

MGC shuns the large law firm model of profit through a pyramid structure or leverage, by pushing the work down to the least experienced associate who can handle it. This results in inconsistent service at best.

What does this mean for your success?

  1. Substantial Commitment of a Senior Lawyer. Engaging MGC ensures the attention of a senior attorney even while the client is small.
  2. Reasonable hourly rates. MGC rejects the high overhead of the “usual suspects.”  No fancy offices or high-priced, inexperienced associates here.
  3. Smooth Out Cash Flow.  For pre funded corporate clients, MGC negotiates a payment schedule rather than anticipating bills be paid as they accrue. Paying bills on a pre-negotiated time frame rather than as they accrue makes MGC look more like an employee for budgeting and cash flow purposes and thus makes budgeting and cash flow much easier. This structure reduces the likelihood of pre funded clients receiving large, unanticipated legal bills during the year.